Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yay! I got to escape the Superbowl!

Yesterday was a shopping day, in part because most things are closed on Sundays. We bought a printer/scanner and blanket and some pillows. We also went to one of the bookstores off Trg Bana Jelacica and Allison bought a couple of DVDs (with English and Croatian). The weather was gorgeous, and Allison sampled some of the delicious local ice cream.

Today we went to see The King's Speech at the theater across the street. There are lots of English-language movies here and except for the little kids' movies they're subtitled instead of dubbed. Tickets were cheap--less than $5 each--although there's some sort of extremely complicated pricing schedule that I can't understand, with 9 different prices not including 3D movies and T-Mobile Wednesdays. The seats are bigger and more comfortable than in US theaters (they even have loveseats) and you reserve particular seats when you pay, just like at live theatre. We enjoyed the movie, and who can beat the convenience of a theater across the street?

In the morning we're off for several days in Barcelona. We're going to be slightly adventurous and take a tram 2 stops to the main bus station, where we can catch an express bus to the airport. Hopefully we'll make our 1-hour connection in Paris. I wonder whether I'll be saying hvala and dovidenja in Spain?

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  1. I wish you and Allison a good and interesting journey to Barcelona! Take care and come back healthy!!
    I like to read about your experiences in Europe!
    Have a good time in Barcelone, you both!