Sunday, February 20, 2011

A nice Sunday in the city

Finally Blogger is letting me add some pictures! This morning Allison and I went to a boroque chamber music concert at the Croatian National Theatre. Spike accompanied us.
The picture below was taken in front of the theatre. Spike's generally a lot easier to pose than Allison.

After the concert we had lunch. I had a couple of typical Croatian dishes: Zagorski strukli and blitva. Allison had turkey cordon bleu, which came with tartar sauce on the side, plus vegetable garnishes to arrange artistically.
The restaurant was on Tkalciceva, which is a long pedestrian street lined with cafes and things. It's in the upper, or oldest, part of town.

The Zagreb cathedral is not far away. That round tower to the left dates to the 15th century. Kept the Turks out.

And this is the funicular. We didn't ride it today but we will eventually. It's too fun not to! Every day at noon they shoot a cannon from the top of that tower just to the right of the top of the funicular. And then every dog in Zagreb barks.


  1. And then every dog in Zagreb barks. LOL!

  2. I like the pics and your activities! And the new look of this blog! Well done!