Friday, February 4, 2011

Today was a busy and productive day. I went back to the bank--this time by tram--and actually managed to get an account opened. It turns out I'll have to return one more time to pick up my ATM card, but at least now I now how easy it is to get there by tram. One tram line takes me door to door. Literally--on the way back it stops directly in front of my door.

I got some work done on my textbook revision today, too.

And this evening we had dinner at the home of a Fulbrighter who's been here since the fall. Also there were his lovely wife, a Fulbright student, and another US student who's here on an exchange program. The dinner and company were wonderful. They also have a fantastic apartment, although I should note it's up just as many stairs as mine. Allison was mostly jealous of their 2 TVs. They have great views, too. And they don't have trams and trains next door, but do have a church with loud bells very close, so that's even, I'd say. We rode a different tram line home.

If you're counting, I have been up over 480 stairs today (not all at once, thankfully!).

We walked through the main square, Trg Ban Jelacic (pronounced Turg Bon Yellacheech), this evening. It's about 15 minutes from our place, and it's always very busy. I tried to post a crappy picture I took of Ban Jelacic himself, but Blogger keeps giving me error messages. In Croatian. Anyway, there's a big statue of a guy with a pointy sword, astride a horse, and that's where you typically meet up with people. I like this square because it's always so vital--clearly the heart of the city. There's a skating rink there now and they often have concerts and other events. When the weather turns warm there are tons of sidewalk cafes. The only downside is you have to be careful not to get run over by a tram!

Last night I bought tickets to a Sunday morning chamber music performance at the National Theatre. The performance is only an hour long, which should be perfect for Allison. I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of the building. The outside is pretty spectacular--usually. Right now it's covered in scaffolding.

And in a couple days Allison and I will be off to Barcelona!

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