Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in Zagreb

We made it back to Zagreb--with our baggage, even! Much as I loved Barcelona, it's always good to get home. And Zagreb is beginning to feel like home.

We arrived home late Saturday and took the airport bus to the main bus station, which is only 2 tram stops from our place. Couldn't be more convenient! On Sunday I learned that some of the local groceries--Konzum is the name of the chain where we usually shop--are open on Sundays, at least until 2pm. So we were able to get some shopping done. And since the weather was fairly gray and dreary, we spent the rest of the day being lazy indoors.

Today was more productive. Our twice-a-month cleaning lady came and was able to restart the pilot on the heater in the living room. We have two huge ceramic heaters, which I'm guessing are original to this building (circa 1880), although now they run on gas. The pilot on one went out while we were in Barcelona. Glitches aside, I've coveted these heaters since my first trip to Europe in 2001, and now we have two. :-)

Also today, Allison and I went to the campus where I'll be teaching. It's in Borongaj, a little way out from the city center, on a former military base. We catch the tram in front of our building, take it for about 20 minutes, and then transfer to a bus that takes us straight to the building where I'll teach. I met with the chair, who gave me a clearer idea of what to expect class-wise and how to prepare. And I got an office. It's huge--probably three times the size of mine in California--and it has a big window, which my usual office lacks. I wonder if I can bring the office back with me? By next week I should know what days ans time's I'll teach and in what room, and how many students.

Finally, we went to the post office, which is almost across the street from us. I'd shipped 2 boxes of Allison's school books here, but the USPS is a bit euphemistic when it labels it International "Priority" Mail. This box arrived last week. The other's still on its way, having taken a detour to Canada. Retrieving the package took a little wandering back and forth, but the post office employees were very helpful and we found the right spot at last, and the package was in our hands quickly. Then we carried 20 pounds of books down the block and up 80 stairs. Allison was less than ecstatic to be reunited with her math book.

So now it's still gray out, but she's doing school work and all is well. A few flakes of snow fell earlier today but didn't stick.

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  1. I love these updates! Congrats on the lovely office -- it would make a great souvenir, if only. I hope your teaching days are clustered so you and Allison can travel on your off days, if desired. And finally, Yay! for the first box of books (sorry, Allison).