Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The wonderful Kirsten is visiting us this week from Germany. We lucked out yesterday and had some beautiful weather--66F and sunny. So we walked around town and had lunch in Gornji Grad, the oldest part of town. We ate outdoors, as you can see. And, as you can also see, I am not the only one who travels with a Spike! Kirsten has Xander with her too. :-)

Here's my Spike. This street is named Kravni Most, which means Bloody Bridge. At one time this was a bridge over a river that separated two towns, Gradec and Kaptol. The neighboring townspeople didn't always get along very well, hence the name of the bridge.

And here is Allison enjoying her pizza yesterday. Hint: when the menu gives you a choice between small pizza (for about $4) and large for less than ($6) the large will be enough to feed Allison for four meals.

Today was rainy. So we went to the Museum of Arts and Crafts. They have an Art Deco exhibit going on, plus a great collection of stuff. Now, this is a stove:

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  1. Wonderful to see a photo of Kirsten -- and her traveling Spike and Xander!

    Man, can you imagine trying to decorate a room around that stove?! I visualize it originally in an overstuffed Victorian parlor. Talk about visual chaos....

    I've also noticed Coke in bottles in a few of your photos. Nice!