Wednesday, March 2, 2011


More cold and a fair amount of snow today, although only a little stuck. We went for a walk up Tkalciceva, the pedestrian street in the old part of town. This is the upper part of Dolac, the big market. They were already taking things down when we arrived this afternoon.

This is just a cool old house in the old part of town. A very modern shopping mall is directly across the street.
Tonight as we were cleaning up after dinner, we heard a lot of noise outside. Turns out a march of some kind was going on. It was hard to see the signs from our angle, but the ones I could read were protesting Croatia's planned entry into the EU. I understand there were some protests here the other day against the current government, but we missed those. This was an orderly group and they looked mostly pretty young. I've never been able to watch a protest march from my living room before!

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  1. I need to see it all by myself!!! Monday!!!! Or should I write Ponedjeljak!!!! Yeah, I'll arrive at the Aerodrom in Zagreb at Ponedjeljak. And be prepared, I'll hug you, when we'll meet. *grin*