Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucky lucky lucky!

I know I haven't posted in a while. We've been so busy! Before I put up a few pics from recent travels, allow me to gush about the Fulbright program for a moment. It's been such an amazing experience! I've met some wonderful people and been able to make a lot of professional contacts that will be wonderful for future research. I've had a lot of fun lecturing to students all over Croatia and I've learned a huge amount about Croatia's culture, history, and politics. And that's just the work part! Because when I'm not working I'm sitting in cafes and guzzling espressos; or I'm sampling all kinds of new foods; or I'm zooming around Europe by plane, train, or automobile, visiting places I've always dreamed of visiting; or I'm admiring views over the beautiful Adriatic. Every single day I think about how very, very lucky I am. And of course Allison's twice as lucky, getting to experience this at 11 years old!

Okay, so we went to Venice. Amazing Venice:
 And we went to Plitvice Lakes, a stunning national park about 2 hours from Zagreb:
 And I lectured I Rijeka, on the coast, and had coffee and cake in Opatija:
 And we went to the unbelievably adorable Dubrovnik:
 And Split, with its 1700 year old Roman palace, in which people still live and shop and eat and obsess about soccer:
And that was just in the last three weeks!! I told you I was lucky!

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