Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring shopping!

We continue to have some beautiful spring weather this weekend, so we did what everyone else in Zagreb does: we went to Dolac and then hung out at a cafe. Spring has made itself known in Dolac, too: fresh strawberries have appeared! Also wild asparagus.  I bought some of each (pleased with myself over my newfound skill to ask for a half kilo instead of a whole one), as well as some honey and some delicious cheese. I don't know what the cheese is called, but it's soft and crumbly and a little sweet, and it's smoked as well. It's a little like a smoked ricotta or something. Sort of. Yum. I'm quite excited to try that asparagus tonight--I've never seen it in US markets.

There was some sort of thing going on in the main square involving people singing folk music and selling various  products from Gorski kotar, a foresty mountainy part of Croatia. Lots of the vendors were selling blueberry brandy, so I bought some. I got some honey brandy, too. Then we hung out in a cafe on the square for a while. As you can see in the pic, it was crowded. But everyone was in a good mood, the vendors in Dolac all smiles, and I conducted all my purchases without a single word of English (the girl who sold me the honey thanked me in English, though. *g* I bet my accent is terrible! But at least I try some Croatian, which folks seem to appreciate). Even my poor, harried waiter at the cafe had a smile today. We stopped at a bakery on the way home for rolls. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight!

Even though I still spend a good portion of my time not exactly sure what's going on, I'm getting better. And I am inordinately pleased with myself over my skills at coping in a new country. It's a great confidence builder.

Although I miss California, I know now that once I return there will some things about life in Zagreb that I will pine for.  I had an epiphany about that today--living abroad is a very dangerous thing, because once you do it, you will never again be quite satisfied with life back home. They should warn people about that!

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