Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 more weeks

Two weeks from today Allison and I will be on our way to Croatia. My books are already on their way there. Our apartment will be waiting for us when we arrive:

 Almost all of my to-do list is done. The only major task remaining is packing, which I'm dreading. I don't even like packing for a weekend!


  1. Amazing to think you and Allison will be journeying in less than two weeks. All this planning (and soon, packing) will all pay off. So happy the two of you are each doing a blog. Us stay-at-homes can tour Europe vicariously. Much appreciated! Hope you enjoy the remaining days at home. And good luck packing. ; )

  2. I dislike packing too. And hey, please send me your full adress there (with post-codes) so I can find my way to you. I hope we will see us soon!